Silicon Valley WiE Conference

The 2018 Silicon Valley Women in Engineering (WiE) Conference is structured in such a way as to provide you with opportunities to learn cutting-edge technical topics and career development skills that you will need to thrive in the workplace. The WiE Conference provides a wealth of opportunities to connect with accomplished women technologists and fellow students for inspiration and support.

Plenary Sessions

The WiE Conference features morning and lunch time plenary sessions. During these sessions, featured keynote speakers will share highlights from their professional experience and personal insights regarding technology trends that impact campus to career pathways for women in engineering.

Concurrent Sessions A, B, and C

You can choose from 12 technical (Emerging Technologies) and 6 non-technical (Professional Development) talks to maximize your 2018 WiE Conference experience. These talks are organized in three rounds of six concurrent sessions (four technical and two non-technical talks per session). Simply choose three talks, one from each round of concurrent sessions.

Engineering Career Panels

The WiE Conference is an opportune time to ask women leaders for guidance and feedback about the important decisions you face, from campus to career. The WiE Conference offers four Engineering Career Panels featuring distinguished women leaders in an open setting conducive to this type of exchange. Choose the panel that is most closely aligned with your major and career interests. Please be prepared to connect and ask questions.

WiE Innovation Showcase and Networking Reception

Come to experience cutting-edge technologies and explore their possibilities in your career aspirations and plans. Connect with other women, peers, potential future co-workers, and mentors, while enjoying good food and music at Silicon Valley’s best conference for women in engineering.


Mark and Carolyn Guidry
Women in Engineering Program Fund